CHINA to AUSTRALIA | In Transit and Exploring Melbourne City (RaD Ep 38) – Melbourne Video

Ep 38: China to Australia with bicycles!

Heading from China to Australia via Guangzhou to Melbourne woohoo! We pack up the bikes, visit one last friend in the countryside and hop on a plane to OZzzzzy.
Close a door to one world and open another down under! Time to explore a new country friends!!

Also… nearly 2:30am here and I just realized I forgot to add our intro for the vid doh. It’ll be back in the next eppy!


++Wait, what’s RaD?: Ryan And Darin (that’s us! yes…we both have boy names…is that weird?). Get it? …r And d…RAD.

++The Adventure: riding our bikes around a bunch of different places in this world for a year. Seeing new sights, trying new foods, meeting lots of new people, visiting old friends and generally having a swell ol’ time challenging ourselves to EXPLORE MORE(!) from the saddle of a bicycle. Yay!

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  1. 3:30 不知道你在说什么 – Bu zhidao ni yai shuo shenme – I don't know what you say! Hahaha that robot is cool! Thanks a lot for this LOOOONG video! You saved my Friday night! You are amazing!! Keep em coming! Btw Just a question: Where do you edit your videos? You must have a very good laptop! Also thank you very much for checking out my videos frin Harbin! 🙂 You still have time to come here, winter will be here in 4 months hahaha.

  2. Have fun and be careful. I've heard drivers don't like cyclists very much in Australia.

  3. thanks for another great video. Can't wait for Tasmania!

  4. Guys, Have a wonderful trip down under, just watch out for the spiders, snakes and sharks.


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